Spectrum Chromatography
Spectrum Chromatography manufactures a complete line of instruments, columns, and accessories for low-pressure liquid chromatography. We also manufacture the Glenco® line of gas/liquid laboratory syringes.

Our Most Popular Products Include:

The CF-2 Fraction Collector CF-2 Fraction Collector. The Spectra/Chrom® CF-2 Fraction Collector is a durable, general purpose, fraction collector. It can collect up to 174 fractions in 12 to 13 mm diameter tubes. It is used in both preparative hplc and low pressure chromatographic separations.

Two Gas/Liquid Syringes. Gas/Liiquid Syringes Glenco® Gas/Liquid syringes are available in sizes from 0.05 to 100 ml. The variable tension plunger models are ideal for environmental gas sampling.

The Model 280 UV detector Model 280 UV Detector The Spectra/Chrom Model 280 UV Monitor is a fixed wavelength flow-through spectrophotometer specifically for use in chromatography. It features a direct reading digital output and a dual beam optical system that allows the automatic subtraction of a solvent background.

a medley of chromatography columns Low-Pressure Chromatography Columns Spectrum Chromatography is the premier supply of low-pressure liquid chromatography columns to biochemical researchers. The available columns range in length from 10 to 200 cm (about 4 inches to 6 feet) and in diameter from 0.6 to 15 cm ( about 1/4 to 6 inches). The column bodies are borosilicate glass and the endplates are made PTFE or polypropylene.

Spectra/Chrom® Tubing Cutter The Spectra/Chrom Tubing Cutter cuts most plastic tubing, leaving a flat, even edge. The special "V" shape of the tubing holder keeps the tubing perpendicular to the blade. The blade remains sharp for many cuts, but it can easily be replaced.

Two representative Gas/Liquid Syringes. Gas/Liquid Syringes Gas/Liquid syringes have capacities from 50 µl to 100 ml and have interchangeable glass barrels and plungers. They are available with either standard plungers or with adjustable tension plungers. The only wetted materials in the Gas/Liquid syringes are PTFE, and borosilicate glass.

International Sales
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Many of our products are also described at http://www.spectra-chrom.com/.

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