Micro Valve

Our micro valves (Glenco® series 925-MV) have found uses in a variety of applications and spawned several imitations.

They have standard 1/4"-28 flat-bottomed fittings, one male and one female. This allows them to be used with many common laboratory fittings. The female fitting screws onto the male end of a removable needle gas/liquid syringe and the male fitting replicates the syringe's tip so that you can have the needle from the syringe at the tip of the valve.

The only wetted materials in these valves are PTFE and Kel-F. This provides the ultimate in solvent resistance.

These valves provide simple on/off control and are not designed to regulate flow. They have been tested leak-free to 2000 psi and are ideal for storing samples in syringes and for pressurizing samples before injection.

Order the micro valves as part number 185314 ($106.00) for a valve with a 0.020" (0.5 mm) bore or as part number 185315 ($111.00) for a valve with a 0.040" (1 mm) bore. The 0.020" bore matches our 500, 250, 100, and 50 µl syringes while the larger 0.040" bore valve is most suitable for use with syringes of 1 ml volume and larger.

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