Thin Layer Chromatography

In addition to our standard chromatography products, we also manufacture several items used in thin-layer chromatography.

Spectra/Chrom® Clips
Chrom Clips have a multitude of uses in the laboratory. They have been used to suspend paper chromatograms in a developing tank or drying oven, as well as for holding plastic TLC plates and suspending photographic negatives.
Chrom Clips have a natural spring action which securely grips any item up to 5/16" (8 mm) thick. The Clip is easily released with a simple squeeze. The clips can be suspended on a rod up to 5/8" (16 mm) in diameter without interfering with the gripping action.
Chrom Clips are constructed of polystyrene and should be used below 70°C.
Available in packages of 100 clips as part number 127050.

Chromatography Tank and Rods
Our glass chromatography tank (pictured with Chrom Clips and compression rod) is ideal for developing paper chromatograms and TLC plates. The lid (included) prevents solvent evaporation and air convection.
Our Compression Rods are expandable spring-compression glass rods that anchor against the inside walls of nearly any chromatography tank. They are used as hangers for chromatograms and plates. The rod ends are fitted with high friction kraton plugs for secure anchoring.
Order the chromatography tank as part number 127070 (27 cm x 7.5 cm x 26 cm high). The glass lid is included.
Order the rods as part number 127074 for tanks 23 to 38 cm wide, 127078 for tanks 14 to 25 cm wide, or part number 127072 for tanks 38 to 66 cm wide.