Miscellaneous Products

Spectrum manufacture several products in addition to our standard liquid chromatography products. These include:

Ion Exchange Resins. We manufacture a complete range of ion exchange resins for preparative scale ion exchange chromatography. Spectra/Gel Ion Exchange Resins are ideally suited to protein purification, antibody isolation, and peptide fractionation. They are also used in traditional inorganic ion exchange.
Thin-Layer Chromatography Products We manufacture a variety of products for thin-layer and paper chromatography. These include a developing tank, support rods, and support clips.

Spectra/Mesh® We manufacture a variety of woven mesh products that are used as bed supports in our columns. These same materials are frequently used a filtration media. The mesh products are woven of PTFE (an inert white fluoropolymer), nylon, and polypropylene.

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