The Spectra/Chrom® Solvent Saver System

The S-3 Solvent Saver System pictured above is sold complete and ready-to-use. It uses a sensitive level sensing circuit to shunt the eluant to waste whenever the output from the system detector exceeds a user set level. After the contaminant (normally a component of your sample) has passed and the output from the system detector drops below the programmed level, the uncontaminated solvent will be returned to the solvent reservoir to be used again. This can reduce your solvent consumption by 80% or more!

You can order the S-3 Solvent Saver System as part number 142100 ($1651.00) for domestic (US) use. The 230 V version of the cf-1 Fraction Collector (142102, $1651.00) is CE marked for use in Europe.

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