Research I Peristaltic Pumps

An Research I peristaltic pump. Spectrum Chromatography sells a pumping system for use in low-pressure liquid chromatography. This pumps also finds frequent use as general-purpose laboratory pumps. Each pump includes one pump head, a second pump head can be added to make a 2 channel peristaltic pump.

Peristaltic pumps offer several advantages over other type of laboratory pumps. The most significant advantage is that the only wetted material is the tubing you select. This permits easily determination of the chemical compatibility of the pump and replacing the tubing eliminates any possibility of carry-over.

The pump offered by Spectrum is sold as a Research I pump, it has a top speed of 600 RPM. Each pump is sold wiwth 1 pump head and has sufficient driving power to run a second pump head (purchased separately). Each pump also has remote control capabilities which allow them to be stopped remotely (e.g. by a CF-1 fraction collector at the end of a run). The 600 RPM can provide the flow rate necessary for the efficient operation of even a 15  diameter column.

The pumps work with almost any soft, flexible tubing with a 1/16 inch wall thickness and an outer diameter of 7/16 inch (11.1 mm) or less. The tubing can be loaded into this pump head without removing the pump head from the pump.

Research I Peristaltic Pump Drive Specifications

600 RPM
Pump Speed to 600 rpm
Stock Number 146821 (600 RPM)
Power Requirements 90 - 260 VAC
50/60 HZ
100 VA
(including pump head)
w x h x l
8.5" x 9" x 14"
22 x 23 x 36 cm
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C, noncondensing

Pump Head Specifications

Tubing Number: 1314161718
Tubing Size:
(OD x ID) 
5/32" x 1/32"
(4 x 0.8 mm)
3/16" x 1/16"
(4.8 x 1.6 mm)
1/4" x 1/8"
(6.3 x 3 mm)
3/8" x 1/4"
(9.5 x 6.3 mm)
7/16" x 5/16"
(11 x 8 mm)
Wall Thickness: 1/16"
(1.6 mm)
(1.6 mm)
(1.6 mm)
(1.6 mm)
(1.6 mm)
Flow Rate with 600 RPM Pump (ml/min) 0.36 – 361.3 – 1304.8 – 48017 – 170023 – 2300
Tubing for use with pump heads:
Silicone, 3m 123732123746123760123856123788
Silicone, 15m 123734123748123762123858123790
Vinyl, 3m 123728123742123756123852123784
Vinyl, 30m 123730123744123758123854123786
Fluoroelastomer, 3m 123736123750123764123860123792

An additional pump head is available as stock number 146928.

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