Chromatography Instruments

Spectrum Chromatography manufactures a complete set of instruments for liquid chromatography. These include Peristaltic Pumps, a Fraction Collector, a fixed wavelength UV Detector, a strip-chart recorder, and a Solvent Recycler.

The CF-2 Fraction Collector shown with a full complement of 13 mm test tubes. Spectra/Chrom® CF-2 Fraction Collector
The CF-2 Fraction Collector is a durable, general purpose, fraction collector. It can collect up to 174 fractions in 12 to 13 mm diameter tubes. The fraction collector is sold complete with a set of racks for holding 12 to 13 mm diameter tubes, a drop counter and former, and tubing fittings for 1/16" and 1/8" OD tubing and 1/16" ID tubing.

The Model 280 UV Detector. Model 280 UV Detector
The New Spectra/Chrom Model 280 UV Detector is a compact high-performance detector for both hplc and low-pressure liquid chromatography. By using a dual beam spectrophotometer, the Model 280 UV detector can subtract even rapidly changing baselines. It includes a dual 5 mm pathlength flow cell and filters for both 254 and 280 nm.

A Research I peristaltic pump. Research I Peristaltic Pumps
Spectrum manufactures 2 different peristaltic pumps. Having 2 different peristaltic pumps makes it easier to select the optimal combination of tubing and flow rate to be selected for each application. The flow rate range available is from 0.06 ml/min to 2300 ml/min.
Each pump includes a drive and pump hear; a second pump head can be added to create a 2 channel pumping system.

The Spectra/Chrom chart recorder. Spectra/Chrom Chart Recorder
The Spectra/Chrom Chart Recorder is an inexpensive strip-chart recorder suitable for many laboratory uses. It is available in both single and dual-pen configurations. It is an ideal complement to our Model 280 UV Detector.

The Spectra/Chrom S-3 Solvent Saver System. S-3 Solvent Recycler
The Spectra/Chrom S-3 Solvent Saver System is used in both HPLC and low-pressure liquid chromatography to reduce solvent consumption. The solvent in between peaks in these applications is usually sufficiently pure to be recycled as eluent without additional processing.

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