The Spectra/Chrom® CF-1 Fraction Collector

The CF-1 hplc fraction collector pictured above is sold complete and ready-to-use. It includes a drop counter, a peak detector, and tube racks. It can collect up to 174 fractions in standard 13 mm test tubes. Additional detailed information is available at fraction.html (The CF-1 hplc fraction collector is pictured with a full complement of 13 mm diameter glass test tubes; these are not included with the collector. It does include a drop counter so that collection by drop count can be done right out of the box.)

The available accessories for the CF-1 HPLC fraction collector include racks for tubes ranging in diameter from 10 mm to 28 mm; fraction sizes up to 27 mL may be collected using standard test tubes. Also available are automatic electric solenoid valves; these permit the unattended operation of the fraction collector with minimal chance of spillage. At the end of the run and between fractions the flow will either be stopped or diverted to a waste receptacle.

Up to 174 fractions may be collected in a single run when using 12 or 13 mm diameter tubes. Fewer fractions can be collected when using other tube sizes.

You can order the CF-1 fraction collector as part number 124845 ($2939.00) for domestic (US) use. The 230 V version of the cf-1 Fraction Collector (124846, $3138.00) is CE marked for use in Europe.

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