Replacement parts
for the smaller (5 cm diameter and smaller) Aqueous columns

Tubing Fitting (A-D) Ordering Information
Tubing Diameter
ANut (pack of 6)124556124562124564124568
BO-Ring (pack of 6)124538124544124546124550
DTubing Connector
(Includes A & B)
Aqueous Column Replacement Parts
Column Inner Diameter (cm)
EVent Plug113000113000113000113000113000
FVent Plug O-Ring124538124538124538124538124538
HUpper Endplate
(Includes E, F, & I)
ISealing Gasket109006109009109015109025109050
JCollar Compression O-Ring
(Pack of 4)
KCollarCollars are only available as part of item M (Column & Collars)
MColumn & Collars
(Includes J & K)
Part number varies with length see table here
NLower Endplate
(Includes O, P, Q & I)
ORetaining Ring123006123009123015123025123050
PSupport Mesh124080124080124080124080124080
QSupport Grid524006524009524015124025124500

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