Water Jackets

A water jackets can be used to control the temperature of a low pressure column. After a column is suspended inside a water jacket, heated or cooled water can be circulated around the column to control it's temperature. This is most useful when your separation is temperature dependent or when you are processing a thermally unstable material.

Water Jackets are available for all standard Spectra/Chrom® columns longer than 10 cm whose diameter is 5 cm or less. These water jackets slide over the column and permit control of the column temperature with the use of a recirculating water bath.

In order to prevent the column from slipping through the water jacket, we recommend the use of a water jacket support ring. This ring clamps to the upper end plate and prevents it from slipping though the water jacket. Because of the size of the endplates no ring is required on 0.6 cm and 0.9 cm diameter columns. Part numbers for these rings are 124326 (1.5 cm), 124328 (2.5 cm) and 124330 (5.0 cm).

These water jackets of made of borosilicate glass. The hose barbs accept 1/4" to 5/16" ID flexible tubing, preferably silicone or vinyl. Suitable tubing is available from Spectrum as part number 123790 (silicone) or 123786 (vinyl).

In normal use the water is circulated from the bottom of the column toward the top. The top exit port should not be restricted and should flow freely toward a drain or the recirculator tank. Take care that an air bubble does not restrict the water flow at the exit of the hose barb. These water jackets are not designed to be pressurized. They can be used from 0 to 80°C.

Stock Spectra/Chrom Water Jackets
Column Diameter
Length0.6 cm0.9 cm1.5 cm2.5 cm5.0 cm
15 cm123200124280
20 cm123201124281124288124301124317
30 cm123202124282124290124302124316
40 cm123203124283124292124304
45 cm124306
50 cm123204123212124293124307
60 cm123205124284124294124308124318
70 cm123206124285124296124310
80 cm123207123213124297124311
90 cm123208123214124298124312124320
100 cm123209124286124300124314124322
120 cm124315124323
150 cm124324
Length0.6 cm0.9 cm1.5 cm2.5 cm5.0 cm

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