Disposable Mini Chromatography Columns

Disposable minicolumns shown in a stand filled with ion exchange resin Spectrum's disposable minicolumns (shown in a stand and filled with ion exchange resin) are manufactured of ultrapure polystyrene and polypropylene. They have wide brimmed reservoirs to make packing quick and easy. The bed support is available in 3 different frit porosities to accommodate a variety of media. Although these columns are inexpensive enough to be disposable, each column can be repeatedly reused by placing the tip guard back onto the column.

These small plastic columns are ideal for sample preparation, desalting, concentration and other methods requiring simplicity and speed and involving limited sample sizes.

The overall column length is 12.3 cm and the total volume is 7.5 ml. The upper column reservoir has a capacity of about 4.5 ml.

The column can accommodate up to 3 ml of media. The bed area is 8 x 10 x 60 mm (ID x OD x length). The gel bed support is cut from a sheet of sintered polyethylene.

These columns can be placed inside 16 x 150 mm (ID x length) test tubes which can then act as receptacles for the effluent. Multiple columns can also be easily arranged in a test tube rack as shown.

The polypropylene columns are fully autoclavable.

Disposable Column Availability
Part No.MaterialPore SizePrice (per pack of 20)
104700Polystyrene90 µm90.00
10470145 µm90.00
10470215 µm90.00
104703Polypropylene90 µm90.00
10470445 µm90.00
10470515 µm90.00

These disposable columns are sold in packages of 20. Each package includes 20 columns, 20 tip guards and 20 reservoir caps.

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