Spectra/Chrom® Aqueous Chromatography Columns

Spectrum Chromatography manufactures a complete line of low-pressure chromatography columns. The two most popular series are the standard aqueous columns described here and the organic series. Replacement parts for these columns are readily available in the event of damage, as are a variety of accessories.

Also available are a variety of inexpensive disposable plastic columns.

Each column comes with a 10 micron bed support making them suitable for use with most low pressure media. Each column also includes tubing fittings, making them ready to use. The fittings on the 0.6, 0.9, 1.5 and 2.5 cm diameter columns are for use with 3/16" OD tubing; the fittings on the 7.5, 10, and 15 cm diameter columns are for use with 1/4" OD tubing. The 100, 120, and 150 cm long 5 cm diameter columns come with 1/4" fittings while the shorter 5 cm diameter columns come with 3/16" fittings.

The aqueous columns listed here are intended for use with aqueous solvents. The wetted materials in these columns are PTFE, polypropylene, borosilicate glass, and nitrile rubber. These are suitable for use with most aqueous solutions including most acids, bases, and salts. If your application requires additional solvent resistance please see our organic columns.

Stock Aqueous Columns
Length0.6 cm0.9 cm1.5 cm2.5 cm5.0 cm7.5 cm10 cm15 cm
10 cm123903123950123952123956123972
15 cm123900124000123954
20 cm123905124001124008124021123974
30 cm123910124002124010124022124036124046124052124058
40 cm123915124003124012124024124053
45 cm124026124059
50 cm123920124004124013124027124037123963
60 cm123925124005124014124028124038124047124054124060
70 cm123930123960124016124030124055
75 cm124061
80 cm123935123961124017124031123964
90 cm123940123962124018124032124040124048123965123970
100 cm123945124006124020124034124042124049123966
120 cm123958124043124050124056124062
150 cm124044124051123967124064
200 cm124066
Length0.6 cm0.9 cm1.5 cm2.5 cm5.0 cm7.5 cm10 cm15 cm

Exploded views of these columns that show the individual parts and the construction of the columns are available with the replacement parts list. Here is the drawing for the small (5 cm diameter and smaller) columns, and here is the drawing for the large (7.5 cm diameter and larger) columns.

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