Column Accessories

Spectrum manufactures a variety of accessories that make our liquid chromatography columns even more useful. Unless otherwise noted, these accessories will work with both our standard aqueous and our standard organic columns.

Adjustable plungers (a.k.a. flow adapters) are used to shorten the effective length of a column. The have integral bed supports and are used in both ascending and descending flow applications. They are available for all column diameters from 0.6 to 15 cm.

Adjustable plungers are primarily used to keep the top of the column packing from being disturbed by the flow. After the column is packed, the plunger is put in place at the top of the packing.

Water Jackets are used to control the temperature of a column. After a column is suspended inside a water jacket, heated or cooled water can be circulated around the column to control it's temperature. This is most useful when your separation is temperature dependent or when you are processing a thermally unstable material.

Column Extenders can be used to make a longer column from 2 shorter columns. This is most useful when packing a column; using 2 identical column bodies and a 50% slurry should leave you with one fully packed column.

When vertical clearance is an issue, a column extender and a packing reservoir can be used to pack a column with similar results.

Packing Reservoirs have several uses. They can be used with a column extender to pack a column. The extender and reservoir are connected in lieu of the upper end place and the packing slurry is poured in.

A packing reservoir, when used with a lower endplate, also makes a convenient reservoir when doing gravity powered (hydrostatic) separations.

Sample Baskets are used to keep the top of the column packing from being disturbed by the eluant flow. The basket will float on top of the resin, making it more suitable than a plunger for working with ion exchange and other resins that can dramatically change size during a run.

A variety of PTFE (a white fluoropolymer) Fittings and Valves are available for various uses. These include fittings for different sizes of tubing as well as valves that can screw directly into the column endplates.

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