Spectra/Chrom® Chromatography Columns

Spectrum Chromatography is the premier supply of low-pressure liquid chromatography columns to biochemical researchers. The available columns range in length from 10 to 200 cm (about 4 inches to 6 feet) and in diameter from 0.6 to 15 cm (about 1/4 to 6 inches). The column bodies are borosilicate glass (generally Pyrex) and the endplates are made of various plastics.

Our standard columns are available in either the aqueous series (with polypropylene endplates) or the the organic series (with PTFE endplates). In the organic series the only wetted materials are PTFE and borosilicate glass, providing unparalleled solvent resistance.

Adjustable plungers (sometimes referred to as flow adapters) are available for all of the columns. These can be used to adjust the bed height or for ascending flow applications.

We also manufacture a variety of accessories and fittings (including water jackets) for use with these columns. These readily adapt the columns to special applications.

The columns and accessories are usable from -10 to +80°C. Additionally, the columns and accessories may be autoclaved if all of the endplates and plungers on the column are loosened prior to autoclaving.