The Spectra/Chrom® Model 280 UV Monitor

The Model 280 UV Detector.

The Model 280 UV Detector pictured above is sold complete with a 5 mm pathlength dual-beam flow cell and filters for both 285 and 280 nm. It features a direct reading digital output. Additional detailed information is available here.

The Model 280 detector is suitable for use with either HPLC or low-pressure open-column chromatography.

Special features of this detector include dual-beam optics, cold-room compatibility, a digital readout, a low detection limit (3 x 10-4AU), and a variety of available flow cells.

You can order the Model 280 UV Monitor as part number 142600 ($4232.00) for domestic (US) use. The 230 V version of the Model 280 (142602, $4199.00) is CE marked for use in Europe.

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