CF-1 Fraction Collector

The Spectra/Chrom CF-1 Fraction Collector is CE marked. The Spectra/Chrom® CF-1 Fraction Collector is a durable, general purpose, fraction collector. It can collect up to 174 fractions in 12 to 13 mm diameter tubes. The fraction collector is sold complete with a set of racks for holding 12 to 13 mm diameter tubes, a drop counter and former, and tubing fittings for 1/16 and 1/8 inch OD tubing and 1/16 inch ID tubing. It is used in both preparative hplc and low pressure chromatographic separations.

A variety of options are available for the CF-1 Fraction Collector which expand its versatility. These options include racks for other tube sizes, security and diverter valves, and cables to permit automated operation.

The CF-1 Fraction Collector can be operated as a simple fraction collector, where each fraction is the same size and the fraction size is set in terms of time, drops, or external events (like counts from a pump). A simple command entered from the membrane keypad enables the internal peak detector. This allows you to collect only those peaks of interest from the chromatogram and to ignore the rest.

Use part number 124845 ($2939.00) for a 115V version of the fraction collector.

Special Features of the CF-1 Include:

The manual for the CF-1 fraction collector is available on-line in PDF format. Click here to view the manual (1080 kb). You will need Adobe® Acrobat® reader to view the manual. If you do not already have one, a free copy of this software is available here.

A similar device called an Interval Sampler is also available. An interval sampler is used to periodically sample a liquid stream or container.
Alternate information about the CF-1 Fraction Collector may be found here, and here.

CF-1 Fraction Collector Technical Specifications
Power Requirements: 115 +/- 20 VAC, 20 VA
230 +/- 40 VAC, 20 VA
Line Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz
Dimensions: 28 cm x 12 cm x 40 cm
11 x 4.5 x 16 inch
w x h x l
Weight: 5 kg (10 lb)
Collection Basis: 6 sec to 999 min and 59 sec in 1 sec increments, 1 drop or volume to 9999 drops or volumes in 1 drop or volume increments.
Tube Change Time: 0.35 sec maximum within 12/13 mm rack
Event Mark Output: Open collector outputs, 1 for tube change, 1 for rack change.
Count Input: TTL low or contact closure for 1 ms to 1 s, or drop counter. Maximum count rate is 5 per second.
Tube Capacity: 174 12 or 13 mm tubes
116 10 to 16 mm tubes
116 18 mm tubes or vials
42 28 mm tubes or vials
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C, noncondensing

Optional Accessories for the CF-1 Fraction Collector
Part No. DescriptionPrice (US$)
124853 Replacement set of racks to hold up to 174 12 or 13 mm diameter tubes. This set is included with the fraction collector. Maximum tube length is 8 inches (200 mm). Using standard 13 x 100 mm test tubes the maximum fraction size is 10 mL. Tubes are Corning 99445-13. 407.00
124854 Set of racks to hold up to 116 10 to 16 mm diameter tubes. Maximum tube length is 8 inches (200 mm). Using standard 16 x 150 mm test tubes the maximum fraction size is 23 mL. Tubes are Corning 99445-16XX. 438.00
124855 Set of racks to hold up to 116 17 or 18 mm diameter tubes or mini-vials. Maximum tube length is 8 inches (200 mm). Using standard 18 x 150 mm test tubes the maximum fraction size is 27 mL. Tubes are Corning 9820-18. 749.00
124856 Set of racks to hold up to 42 28 mm diameter scintillation vials. Maximum tube length is 7 inches (175 mm). Scintillation vials have a typical capacity of 20 mL. 740.00
124858 Dust cover for fraction collector. Prevents contamination of your fractions by airborne dust and particulate matter. The dust cover can be installed and removed without disturbing any electrical or fluid connection. 230.00
124848 2-Way shutoff valve. This is primarily used when collecting radioactive or especially toxic materials. It stops the flow to the drop former when the tubes are moving as well as at the end of the run.
This valve is also useful when collecting from gravity-flow columns since it can keep the column from running dry.
124849 3-Way diverter valve. This valve diverts the flow to a waste or recycle container when the tubes are moving, at the end of a run, or when directed by the peak separator. This valve is required when using the peak separator features of the fraction collector. 438.00
124874 Mast package. This package attaches two 50 cm long, 3/4 inch diameter masts (included with package) to the bottom of the fraction collector. These masts may be used to support small instruments or columns directly over the fraction collector, saving bench space.
The mast package is required to support the 4 column adapter.
124876 4-column adapter. The 4-column adapter is used to simultaneously collect fractions from up to 4 columns. It can collect up to 29 fractions in 10 to 16 mm diameter tubes from each column. The 124874 mast package must also be obtained in order to use the 4 column adapter with the fraction collector. 965.00
124865 Signal cable. This cable connects the CF-1 Fraction Collector to your detector. This cable carries only the detector signal information used by the peak detector. If you are not using the peak detector to separate peak from non-peak material you do not need this cable. 84.00
142615 Tube change cable. This cable connects the CF-1 Fraction Collector to a model 280 UV monitor. When connected by this cable, a small "tick" mark will be placed on the recorder trace for each tube change. This allows you to more easily determine which peak is in which tube. 133.00

CE mark
The CF-1 Fraction Collector is CE marked.

This instrument is also described here.

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